How to deal with online part-time money

How to deal with online part-time money

“This game seems to have only been released today. That’s why it hasn’t made it to the top of the rankings yet.”

“We can’t tell whether it earns money or not now.”

“It looks like it has something to do with Shenhua. For a new game to be given such recommendation spots, it’s not something that ordinary games companies can do.”

“From the current ranking, it doesn’t seem to be enough to pose a threat to IOI’s mobile game.”

“I wonder if Zhao Xuming saw this game before? He might not have seen it at all, or he might have seen it but did not care...”

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Eric did not think much about it at first. After all, mobile games were developing like wildfire. There were a few new mobile games online almost every day. There was nothing to be surprised about.

However, when he clicked on the details page of the Fitness Battle and saw the developer’s name, he immediately became alert.

This was created by Shang Yang Games!

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It was the critical period in the price war with Tengda Corporation. Eric was very vigilant. When he saw the words’ Shang Yang Games’, he immediately stopped underestimating the game.

“No wonder Shenhua’s application store gave such a good recommendation spot! They are in the same boat as Boss Pei!”

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“Given the number of users in Shenhua’s application market and Tengda’s appeal, this game would probably reach the top of the best-selling charts very soon...”

Eric was not a good-for-nothing. He immediately understood how dangerous this was.

Perhaps the reason why Eternal Hunter delayed the release of the game was not only to avoid IOI mobile games, but also to avoid Fitness Battle!

However, what should he do next?

Delay, like what the Eternal Hunter did?

Eric quickly dismissed the idea.

On one hand, the delay would definitely bump into Eternal Hunter. It would not be easy to deal with it. Instead, he would hand over the market for the second half of the month to the Fitness Battle. This would cause him to incur a huge loss.