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Everyone in our group looked towards Kouenji.

"I can't make any promises. Even if our group is dead last overall, it's not like that means I'll be expelled. Only you, the leader, will be expelled. And you surely won't do something inhuman such as dragging down a fellow classmate like me, will you?".

If the leader hadn't been Keisei but rather someone like Ishizaki or Yahiko then perhaps Kouenji would have run.

But since we're talking about Keisei, a fellow classmate, he figured he wouldn't be dragged down. Perhaps if we threatened to drag him down right now then we might get Kouenji to run but in exchange, we will never again be able to obtain cooperation from Kouenji.

".....then please tell me. What do we have to do to get you to cooperate? If giving you private points gets you to run then I don't mind paying up".

It's precisely because Keisei knows he's going to be a liability that he intends to compensate for it at his own expense.

"Don't carry that burden alone, Yukimura. It's not much, but I've got points too".

"I'll pay too".

Ishizaki and Hashimoto after him, then Yahiko and the others also supported him. Many a little makes a mickle. If the nine of us pool together our private points then we'd end up with a relatively large sum.

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In response to the pressure of the group's collective demand, Kouenji---

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"Unfortunately, I don't have any problems as far as private points are concerned. Besides, even if I don't have any points I can still lead a fulfilling school life, you see".

Even the feelings of a united group failed to reach him one bit. As I feared, Kouenji won't move just by offering him a paltry sum. Still, telling him to do it for the sake of the class would be even less effective.

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For the past few days, me and the rest of the group pooled out wits to try and force Kouenji into action. Beyond the boundaries of school years. And all of them ended in failure.

"Then are you telling us you won't run?".