How to make money online selling train tickets

How to make money online selling train tickets

“I have been playing this game for several days. It is really interesting to play with a few masters who know how to play! I hope that Old Qiao can post the strategy and walkthrough live soon so that more people can feel the charm of this high-end game!”

“I’m going to complete the prerequisites, buy it, and play it!”

Pei Qian sighed helplessly and turned off the video silently.

At Shang Yang Games...

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Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin were watching Teacher Qiao’s live stream at the same time. Both of them nodded gratefully after watching it.

“The master is in the ordinary folks, and Teacher Qiao is worthy of being Boss Pei’s confidant. He truly understood Boss Pei’s true intentions,” Wang Xiaobin said with emotion. Ye Zhizhou smiled. “It’s really amazing. As the game producers, we only realized it after Boss Pei made the ARG. He’s not that far behind us. How commendable for Teacher Qiao to understand Boss Pei’s intention to this extent as a player.

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“We originally thought that this game was completed when it had no bugs and had excellent horror experience. However, it was far from completion.

“That was because it was a game with such complicated gameplay. It might not be able to become a big hit immediately so the key is in how to allow it to operate in the long run!

“The game Be Quiet requires the player to be patient and willing to use their brains to delve into the settings of the game. Everyone will get the best gaming experience only when everyone is proficient in the game.

“We all knew this at the beginning of the game release, but we did not do anything. Perhaps we have not realized the importance of this matter or that we felt that this was an unsolvable problem.

“Fortunately, Boss Pei saw through this and helped us make up for it!”

Wang Xiaobin nodded. “En, using ingenious ARG and the eye-tracking game as the precondition for the purchase is indeed a good way to screen and train the players well.

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“However, what I’m worried about is if there are hidden dangers in such a form of screening

“No matter what, this sort of screening would definitely wipe out a lot of new players who had fallen into the pit. Moreover, this is an online game. In the long run, there might not be fresh blood, and I’m afraid it will slowly become a ghost server...”