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Really make money on the Internet

Of course, Pei Qian did not feel sorry for those companies that earned money. However, he felt a little pity for those companies that could not make it after Dream Realization Ventures withdrew its investment.

Pei Qian felt that this was a little strange.

Dream Realization Ventures continued to invest in companies that did not make money; those that Dream Realization Ventures withdrew were companies that had already made profits.

Since they had already made profits, it meant that the company had found a healthy profit model. As long as nothing went wrong, they would be able to slowly grow.

However, some of the companies did not expand after Dream Realization Ventures left. Instead, they suddenly died. That was strange.

He Desheng smiled slightly and said, “That’s right, Boss Pei. They are both profitable. Some companies are really profitable. Some companies are like the Cold-Faced Lady, making profits through some financial means. The profits are good, but the company’s situation is not good. They are using the profits to pull in more investments.”

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“We divested both of them. The former had already passed the most difficult period so they could only be getting better while the latter showed its true colors.”

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Pei Qian was furious. “Can’t people trust each other more?! Can’t we be less scheming and more sincere?”

It did not matter if he did not have the capability, but if he had bad intentions, he would be shooting himself in the foot!

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The companies which puffed up at one’s own cost would have continued to receive Dream Realization Ventures’ transfusions if they had honestly admitted to incurring losses. In the end, they insisted that they were making profits. Great, it ended with Dream Realization Ventures divesting its investment.

Without the most basic integrity, it would not never be your turn to spend Boss Pei’s money!

He Desheng sighed with emotion. “That’s right. Everyone knows that business is based on integrity. If you treat others with sincerity, you will always receive rewards. However, how many people can really do that in reality under the temptation of benefits?”

“I have to say, Boss Pei, your move is really brilliant!”