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Even if it’s teaching the stupid trio, Horikita will definitely do her best to create the best results. It’s only natural because she wants to improve the class’ score and raise the ability of the students.

However, we’re not aiming for full marks. All we want is for Ike and the others to pass.

As soon as the bell rang for lunch, Ike and the others ran for their lives. Lunch is 45 minutes long. After eating, it was promised that everyone would meet in the library for 20 minutes to study.

At first, we planned to study in the classroom, but since it would be noisy, it was decided that we would study in the library so that we could concentrate better.

However, I think that the real reason was so that Horikita could avoid Hirata. Hirata’s group usually discusses study methods for after school during lunch. If we were nearby, we would probably be able to overhear everything they say. She probably doesn’t want that.

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“Horikita, what are you doing for lunch?”


“Ayanakouji-kun. Do you want to eat lunch together? I have no other plans today.”

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Kushida suddenly jumped into my vision.

“Oh, sure. Then do you want to eat with Kushida too—”

“See you later. I already have plans, so excuse me.”

Getting up quickly, she left the classroom by herself.

“Sorry, Ayanakouji-kun. Was I… a bother?”

“No, no, it’s fine.”