What is more makeup student on the Internet?

What is more makeup student on the Internet?

“Then, doesn’t he still totally have a chance with the other classes?”

“No, not really. From the perspective of outsiders like us, wouldn’t it be easier to compete against Class D with Ryūen out of the picture?”

“Aah… Maybe you’re right. It was scary when we didn’t know what he was going to do next.”

This was exactly why Ryūen was in trouble. If it was the case that he was merely a burden holding Class D back, he’d be able to collect praise votes from the other classes and prevent his expulsion. However, because Ryūen is recognized as a troublesome existence by other classes as well, many of them would want to see him leave the school. There were very few advantages for any of the classes to deliberately allow such a potential threat to stick around.

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There may be some Class D students thinking about the distant future, or blindly believing that Ryūen would become the savior of the class, but there’s no doubt that these students would be in the minority.

Even if Ryūen formed contracts with several other students promising to cast praise votes for each other, it would be difficult to prove whether or not they’ve actually carried out their contractual obligations. Because the vote will be carried out anonymously, as long as you receive a single praise vote, anyone would be able to lie and claim that they voted for you. Even if Ryūen wanted to start a dispute over improper conduct, it’d be too late. He would’ve already been expelled.

Furthermore, before any of this, there was still the issue of finding someone willing to form a contract with Ryūen in the first place.

“So it’s a complete checkmate…”

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“He’s doing all he can to put up a calm front. After all, desperately struggling just because you don’t want to be expelled would be unsightly.”

“Yeah… That’d be pretty shameful for someone who used to act like he owned the place, wouldn’t it?”

It was a pity, but Ryūen’s expulsion was pretty much set in stone.

Of course, if he actually had a reason to struggle, the situation would be a bit different, but…

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We wouldn’t find the answers, no matter how much we discussed it here.

What he thought about all this was something known by him alone.

“Then, how about we try to find out?”