9 online spelling

9 online spelling

Personally, I like the pattern of sword crosses on both shoulders.

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「Now… it’s still a little early, but shall I get going soon?」

The entrance ceremony begins in fifteen minutes.

I left a little early, but if I walk slowly while looking at the school building and the surrounding buildings, I should arrive at the right time.

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After that, on the way to the gymnasium where the entrance ceremony was held.

I overheard what the two girls walking in front of me were talking about.

「Hey, did you hear? There were three people who passed the exam through recommended admissions!」

「I heard that too. That’s so unfair. Because they entered the academy with just an interview, without going through that extremely difficult test.」

「That’s true! They definitely came in here through dirty connections!」

……From that story, it seems better not to reveal that I am a recommended enrollee.

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I want to spend my life in Thousand Blade Academy in a quiet and peaceful manner as an ordinary student–just quietly swinging my sword.

The three years at the Gran Swordsmanship Academy were really terrible.

I didn’t belong to any school until I graduated from the academy, and I’ve been bullied for a long time, so I don’t even have any friends.

I absolutely don’t want to go through that dark period again.

I want to learn a lot, train a lot, make friends normally, and sometimes play with everyone in the class – living an ordinary student life.

(…It will be alright. If I don’t accidentally slip my mouth, they’ll never know that I’m a recommended student.)

Anyway, I was lucky.

If I hadn’t listened to this story, I might have let slip about being a recommended admission during the flow of a conversation.

To be able to avoid it is honestly quite lucky for me.