Online part-time earning regular platform 15 years old

Online part-time earning regular platform 15 years old

On the second level, a long-legged girl was seated by the windows. She struck a pose and took a picture. She was holding a book from one of the bookshelves, reading it seriously under the sunlight. Looking at her, one would feel like everything was at peace.

However, the cover of the book was in Greek, and it was upside down. It read ‘Use and Maintenance of Hand Tractors’.

Some people ordered drinks and listened to Chen Lei’s singing. However, there were too many people in front of the stage. There was no way they could squeeze in. Thus, many people headed towards the internet cafe area to explore more of this mysterious place.

The internet cafe area was clean and neat. It was surrounded by filled bookshelves. A private movie hall with great ambiance was also there, along with very respectful waiters.

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It was only then that people began to realize this internet cafe had so much quality!

Among these customers, most lived in the area. When they heard that Chen Lei would be coming, they rushed over at once. They had passed by this internet cafe before, but they had never stepped in to take a closer look. They were all dissuaded from doing so by the high prices.

However, on closer inspection, the prices were not that high!

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On one hand, the internet cafe’s environment; and the waiters were good. All things aside, the hardware in this internet cafe alone could beat all the other internet cafes.

Of course, there were other high-end internet cafes in the area. However, all of them tended to save as much as they could in terms of hardware. After all, it would be too huge of an investment to make. Most internet cafes opted for hardware that would give them the highest

Yet, the hardware here was flawless. Many people determined to get a good computer for themselves might not even choose ones of this quality. The gaming experience was so good!

There was no need to even talk about the alcohol and ambiance here; everything was top-notch.

On the other hand, the place did not raise their prices! They kept their prices the same before and after Chen Lei came. This was too kind of them!

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If the boss were a different person, he would probably have started selling entry tickets once Chen Lei came to perform. Even if he did not, the alcohol and other drinks here would probably be more expensive.

He was out to make a profit after all. These were all common tactics.

However, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was different. Even now that Chen Lei was here, the prices remained the same. Many customers were touched. Not many shops were as kind as this now!

We were wrong to think this place was too expensive!