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Upon this subject, as well as upon many others, Mme. Favoral had noparticular opinion.

"Why do you ask the question?" said she.

"Because I have had such a strange one.""Oh!""It seemed to me that suddenly a young man, whom I did not know,stood before me. He would have been most happy, said he to me, toask my hand, but he dared not, being very poor. And he begged meto wait three years, during which he would make his fortune."Mme. Favoral smiled.

"Why it's quite a romance," said she.

"But it wasn't a romance in my dream," interrupted Mlle. Gilberte.

"This young man spoke in a tone of such profound conviction, thatit was impossible for me, as it were, to doubt him. I thought tomyself that he would be incapable of such an odious villainy as toabuse the confiding credulity of a poor girl.""And what did you answer him?"Moving her seat almost imperceptibly, Mlle. Gilberte could, fromthe corner of her eye, have a glimpse of M. de Tregars. Evidentlyhe was not missing a single one of the words which she was addressingto her mother. He was whiter than a sheet; and his face betrayed themost intense anxiety.

This gave her the energy to curb the last revolts of her conscience.

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"To answer was painful," she uttered; "and yet I - dared to answerhim. I said to him, 'I believe you, and I have faith in you.

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Loyally and faithfully I shall await your success; but until thenwe must be strangers to one another. To resort to ruse, deceit,and falsehood would be unworthy of us. You surely would not exposeto a suspicion her who is to be your wife.'""Very well," approved Mme. Favoral; "only I did not know you wereso romantic."She was laughing, the good lady, but not loud enough to preventGilberte from hearing M. de Tregar's answer.

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"Count de Villegre," said he, "my old friend, receive the oath whichI take to devote my life to her who has not doubted me. It is to-daythe 4th of May, 1870 - on the 4th of May, 1873, I shall havesucceeded: I feel it, I will it, it must be!"

It was done: Gilberte Favoral had just irrevocably disposed ofherself. Prosperous or wretched, her destiny henceforth was linkedwith another. She had set the wheel in motion; and she could nolonger hope to control its direction, any more than the will canpretend to alter the course of the ivory ball upon the surface ofthe roulette-table. At the outset of this great storm of passionwhich had suddenly surrounded her, she felt an immense surprise,mingled with unexplained apprehensions and vague terrors.

Around her, apparently, nothing was changed. Father, mother,brother, friends, gravitated mechanically in their accustomed orbits.

The same daily facts repeated themselves monotonous and regular asthe tick-tack of the clock.

And yet an event had occurred more prodigious for her than the movingof a mountain.

Often during the weeks that followed, she would repeat to herself,"Is it true, is it possible even?"Or else she would run to a mirror to make sure once more that nothingupon her face or in her eyes betrayed the secret that palpitatedwithin her.

The singularity of the situation was, moreover, well calculated totrouble and confound her mind.

Mastered by circumstances, she had in utter disregard of all acceptedideas, and of the commonest propriety, listened to the passionatepromises of a stranger, and pledged her life to him. And, the pactconcluded and solemnly sworn, they had parted without knowing whenpropitious circumstances might bring them together again.

"Certainly," thought she, "before God, M. de Tregars is my betrothedhusband; and yet we have never exchanged a word. Were we to meet insociety, we should be compelled to meet as strangers: if he passes byme in the street, he has no right to bow to me. I know not where heis, what becomes of him, nor what he is doing.

And in fact she had not seen him again: he had given no sign of life,so faithfully did he conform to her expressed wish. And perhapssecretly, and without acknowledging it to herself, had she wished himless scrupulous. Perhaps she would not have been very angry to seehim sometimes gliding along at her passage under the old Arcades ofthe Rue des Vosges.