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“Director Zhu, the short videos are becoming popular! Are you giving us a treat?

“Director Zhu, when will you do a special segment featuring me?”

Most people in the office were involved in the acting as well. Take Xiao Lu for example; he had many roles to play. For instance, in the first episode, he was the one who played the intern that created the game out of fifty thousand yuan.

Although the remuneration they got from acting was not much, they were very passionate! It was not important that they earned money. In any case, no matter how much Director Zhu offered them, he could not offer them more than the salary Boss Pei was paying!

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What was most important to them was that their faces were featured.

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Who did not want to become famous? Thus, when they saw Zhu Xiaoce arrive, everybody became especially warm.

They all wanted to become closer to Director Zhu, so that they would be given more roles in the later episodes. If possible, they even wanted their own special segments, such as A Day in the Life of Boss Pei’s Intern.

Zhu Xiaoce held onto his DSLR as he made promises to various people in the office. “Don’t worry! You will have more roles to play later on! You will all get a series of short videos after this!”

“However, you have to do your job well now. Otherwise, Boss Pei will not let me off.”

Once he appeased the crowd, Zhu Xiaoce finally approached the door to Pei Qian’s office. Gently, he knocked.

March 16th, Friday.

Pei Qian arrived at his office and finally decided on the candidate for the snack market: Zhang Yahui!