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“There isn’t anyone that’s playing around right now.”

I unintentionally retorted. She glared at me, with eyes that said, “Why are you talking?”

“It’s important to spend time alone. It’s uncomfortable to have that time snatched away.”

As expected of a loner’s line of thought, she disliked spending time with other people.

“Even if I help him now, this will happen again. Won’t it just be a vicious cycle? You may believe that Sudou-kun is the victim this time, but I think differently.”

“Huh? …Isn’t Sudou-kun the victim? It would be troubling if he was lying though.”

Kushida didn’t understand what Horikita said.

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“Maybe it really was class C that started the fight this time, but in the end Sudou-kun is also the perpetrator.”

“W-Wait, Why? Wasn’t he dragged into the fight?”

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With an expression that said, “Oh my”, Horikita looked in my direction.

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Not me, I hadn’t said anything. I avoided looking into her eyes.

After a few seconds of silence, Horikita spoke with a tired voice.

“Why was he dragged into this incident? The entire issue will be difficult to resolve without solving this fundamental question. I will not agree to help until this question is answered. Since I can’t help you, why don’t you ask the guy next to you? Even though he pretends to not understand, he probably knows what I’m thinking.”

Please stop talking with the impression that I understand.

Kushida looked at me with a confused expression, as though she was asking, “Do you know?”

Horikita, don’t say anything unnecessary… She resumed walking, implying that we were left to resolve the issue. Kushida, having understood something from Horikita’s words, was unable to stop her.

“Sudou-kun is also… the perpetrator? Is that… so?”