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Just as I’m sweating out of my guilt, Shougenn continued.

“Those people are just paying attention to you.”


What is this guy talking about? His imagination is way too ridiculous. Just as I couldn’t be anymore dumbfounded…even that Koutou guy and Sarina went along.

“Ay, that guy must have used Aguri beauty to jerk off.”

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“Eww, that’s disgusting… Stop it, Koutou.”

“No, no, no, instead of letting them rutting off over 2D characters like a pig, isn’t that healthier? In this sense, Aguri beauty is really the most charming girl in the otaku club.”

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The table was shaking intensely after a sudden shock. I thought something was wrong…

“Eh, it was me.”

I ended up being the reason. To explain what just happened, …I guess I subconsciously raised my hand and slammed the table before standing up abruptly…How unbelievable.

At the moment, while I’m still confused…I made up my mind quickly in my heart.

Anyway, …I gave the speechless three a gentle smile.


Then, just as their face is showing a tinge of relief-