Is it a scam with WeChat?

Is it a scam with WeChat?

Basically, it was very difficult to save even 400 US dollars a month. Any accident meant bankruptcy and homelessness.

If one could make all the right choices, one would be able to obtain a relatively high-paying job. Their life would be relatively richer, but all sorts of expenses would grow linearly. Some expenses that they did not have to spend became necessities for expenditure.

That was what made He An feel outrageous. He could have saved a lot of money, but the expenses were forcibly deducted by the game.

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Purchasing luxury suits and bags to look the part.

Spending 2,000 US dollars during his children’s birthday for a three-day trip to sea paradise.

Social expenses, including the community where they lived, children’s extracurricular studies were also huge expenses.

To save money, he became used to paying by credit card installments. The number of credit card installments each month was very high; he had totally no idea where the money was spent.

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These choices seemed inevitable. The luxury suits and bags for example. The protagonist did not want to buy them, but all his colleagues were using them. If he did not follow suit, he would become an outcast.

Therefore, the protagonist bit the bullet and purchased them anyway.

He An seemed to have finally understood what the protagonist meant in his very first words now.

The life of the poor was like a series of numbers, and these numbers represented all kinds of expenses.

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In the end, however, this number would still collapse.

As the protagonist’s consumption level became higher, sudden unemployment destroyed everything. The entire chain collapsed in no time: loss of income, unable to pay back his credit card bills, the bank came to take away his house, the interest snowballing on the card debt...

Therefore, the protagonist’s living environment became like his father.

The protagonist’s voices sounded again in these scenes.

“My father always told me that I have to learn from the outstanding people, to change the poor people mindset, and to work hard and struggle... not letting the flow devour me.