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“Boss Pei, I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m only left with these choices…” Zhang Yuan was obviously embarrassed.

“Hm? What do you mean?” Pei Qian asked.

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Zhang Yuan sighed. “It’s because of the nature of the DGE club! Boss Pei, you have been emphasizing that we have to be honest and sincere. We will not lie or cheat. I’ve been working on this with this mentality.

“Therefore, I also told the truth when I was trying to poach people from the GOG leaderboard.

“At the beginning, I briefly described the club’s conditions, including basic salary, bonuses, and the like. They were very satisfied because our treatment is better than other clubs, and there are various attractive benefits.

“However, most rejected me once I said that our club would not participate in any official GOG tournaments.

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“Those willing to play professionally want to win the championship. Our club cannot even participate in the tournament; how could they get the championship?”

“No exposure, no bonuses… only a basic salary.

“Going professional is a youth dream. Who would be willing to just take a salary for it?

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“Therefore, those who joined are those who had no other choices, introverted, and bad at expressing themselves.

“Even so, they are not willing to sign a three-year agreement with us, only one year… “However, rest assured, Boss Pei. All ten of them are rather good. They are young and have a good understanding of the game. They are good seedlings. I’m thinking of ways to correct their mentalities.”

Pei Qian understood now. His mouth could not help but arch upwards.

Good! Very good!

Indeed, even these gaming addicts would shop around for deals if they were really interested in going professional.

Professional gaming was a youthful job. The most important elements for them were exposure and bonuses. What would happen to them if they grow older with just a dead salary?

Who would be willing to join the DGE club since it was not going to enter any competitions? There would be zero exposure and bonuses.