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I opened my shoe locker as I’m thinking that.

-I saw something strange on top of my shoes.

Honestly, it looks like Valentine’s chocolate…


I immediately squinted my eyes and observed that thing suspiciously. Then, I looked around with a vicious face. After all…

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“…Eh, there’s no audience…?”

…A guy like me can only associate with what I just encountered as a prank.

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However, I don’t hear anyone saying, “Haha, you took it! What were you looking forward to? You’re disgusting!” The students aren’t laughing out loud either. It’s more like everyone turned away from me, bulging my eyes.


I snapped out of it and gave up observing. After that, I reached my hand out…to that chocolate-like package again.

However, I, Keita Amano, cannot let my guard down yet!

(Ah, this must be a fake confession!)

The girl tells you to go somewhere in the letter and make fun of you! I was already pranked twice in this way, and I want to cry!

I grabbed the box tremblingly as I looked at this cutely-packaged thing. …Then, I saw a letter wrapped in ribbons behind it. I yelled.

“Uwah, here comes my mental trauma.”

Even though these pranks are annoying, my personality still thinks, “it would be sorry for the person waiting for me if it’s real.” There’s a 90%!c(MISSING)hance that this is a trap. But I’ll still go with it knowing that it’ll probably hurt my heart! Ah, sheesh, this is annoying.