Zhangjiakou Online part-time money-making regular platform

Zhangjiakou Online part-time money-making regular platform

Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing that. He knew he could count on his bro!

“How is it? Is there a ‘dream’ that’s worthy of investment?” Pei Qian sat down beside Ma Yang.

He Desheng and the rest hurried over and took their seats around the conference table.

This was Boss Pei personally imparting investment experience; any word would definitely be gold! They had to listen with all seriousness!

Ma Yang announced proudly: “Brother Qian, I found one!”

“Just one?” Pei Qian was slightly disappointed. “You found only one proposal with ‘dream?”

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There was a stack of investment proposals on the table other than the stack Ma Yang had on his hand.

Pei Qian picked them up and flipped through them. He couldn’t help but suck in.

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Investment was a really technical job!

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He could barely understand these plans, but the problem was that they all seemed too reliable. Pei Qian found it difficult to distinguish which project would lose money, just as it was difficult for ordinary investors to distinguish which project would be profitable.

That was because every entrepreneur and those seeking investments would basically choose the projects which have some real prospects.

Even those proposals designed to defraud investors would be made extremely believable and exaggerate even more than usual. Fake projects had to look even more believable than real projects.

How could they defraud people of money otherwise?

That was where a problem appeared. All the proposals looked reliable and likely to succeed even if a large part of them were doomed to fail.