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What are the reliable Money Money Platforms now?


Pei Qian was in the office, checking the results of the second Tengda Spirit compatibility test. A total of 12 people passed the test out of the 35 who took them.

The passing rate had increased significantly!

Pei Qian could not help but nod slightly. It seemed like everyone’s understanding of the Tengda spirit was progressing very quickly! However, there were also a dozen new recruits who failed twice in a row. If they still failed the Tengda Spirit compatibility test after their one-month internship, then he would only let them go with regrets. Pei Qian did not feel any pain towards losing these people. They were all diehard fans of overtime. Such people should not become Tengda’s employees!

He could only sit back and relax when he eliminated such dangers as soon as possible!

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Li Yada updated two stable versions of GOG at her workstation. One was the regular version, the other was the version revised based on the opinions of Dream Realization Ventures.

The two versions finally seemed passable after such a long period of modification.

Balance was still a problem, but at least, it seemed like a test version of this serious game no longer looked like a crude semi-finished product.

The bugs were mostly fixed. These versions were basically stable.

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Of course, there would definitely be more bugs if they updated it, but they would not need to worry in the short term.

Li Yada knew that she could rest assured at least for the five days that she wouldn’t be here.

She would be able to proceed to the next round of development after collecting the opinions of players during the five days she was gone.

Li Yada was about to shut down her computer when she realized that Hao Yun from the HR department sent him a document.

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The title of the document was ‘Interpretation of the Tengda spirit (Speculated)’.

“En? What was this?”