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「Hey, Allen-kun. If you don’t mind, could we talk for a moment? Onee-san is feeling somewhat lonely at the moment.」

「Of course. We can talk anytime you want.」

「Fufu, thank you. You’re always so kind.」

The president smiled softly.

「I haven’t heard everything that happened in detail yet, so I’ll just share what I have heard so far…」

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She began to speak slowly, leaning back on the wall.

「Let’s start with the problem that was already expected in advance… Ringard Imperial Kingdom, Vesteria Kingdom, Polyesta Federation, Ronzo Republic – the disagreement between the great powers who participated in the conference.”

The president raised her fingers one by one and listed the names of the countries that once formed the “Five Great Powers.”

(Originally, the Principality of Teresia would have participated too, but…)

It was attacked by the demons and the Black Organization, and is currently under the control of the Holy Roneria Empire. They are not in a state to attend such a meeting, to say the least.

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「The agenda that sparked disagreement was on “Response to the Holy Ronelia Empire”. Ringard and Polyesta Federation insisted on keeping an eye on the situation and try to find a solution through dialogue. Vesteria Kingdom and Ronzo Republic insisted that they should embark on a full-scale war.」

The president shrugged her shoulders, with a troubled look on her face.

「I see.」

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A moderate faction and a radical faction. If the two factions are separated clearly in half, the talks will not reach an agreed upon response.