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“Though, given her abilities, it would be considerably difficult for her to navigate the second half of the battle on her own. Ideally, she should look to get absorbed by some other group sooner rather than later… Ah, I see what you’re after.”

Even though I hadn’t said all that much yet, she had successfully managed to deduce what I wanted to ask of her. Just like that, she continued:

“So you want to get me to cooperate? Have you already met with Ryūen-kun?”

“He’s on board with my plan. It seems he thinks quite highly of Komiya and Kinosh*ta.”

“Is that so?”

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Sakayanagi let show an amused smile as she looked at me with discerning eyes.

“It’s only natural that Ryūen-kun would lend a hand given the circumstances, but I don’t see any merit in doing so myself. At some level, I suppose that it would be prudent to prevent second-year Class Points from falling into the hands of the other school years. But to be honest, if there’s no harm done to Class 2-A, I don’t think it warrants any kind of intervention on my part.”

Although she had patiently listened to my request, that was markedly different from an agreement.

“But, if you’re willing to stomach working with me under the same conditions, I wouldn’t be opposed to helping you out.”

Sakayanagi countered my request for a favor with an exceedingly fair proposal of her own. Thanks to her quick intuition, it seemed that negotiations would be finished quickly.

“I’d like to agree to your condition, but I lack the necessary manpower right now.”

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“I’ll gladly wait for when you’re ready, of course. This strategy of yours will require both time and effort to execute, so if you want to take action, it’d be best to do so sooner rather than later.”