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It was the same for games. If a company created a torturous game, it would be normal for some people to back off after the initial stages. However, if more than half of the players were backing off at that stage, it meant that there was a problem with the difficulty level.

The difficulty should slowly increase throughout the game. Even if the game really was meant to torture players, it had to give them opportunities to get the hang of the game. It could not torture them and scare them off right at the beginning. If their own haunted house copied ‘Smog Mountain’ State Mental Hospital’s set-up entirely, nobody would end up interested in it.

‘Smog Mountain’ State Mental Hospital could only get a steady flow of visitors because it had already been coined the scariest haunted house in the world. Its reputation had already been established.

On the other hand, their haunted house was going to be in Jingzhou. It had no reputation, and it could not attract visitors from all over the world yet. If they set the barrier too high, they would not be able to recover their capital for sure.

Thus, every visitor would be important.

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Chen Kangtuo and Hao Qiong each thought of a different resolution for this problem.

Hao Qiong’s plan was to sell tickets that would allow visitors multiple entries. At the same time, the initial horror level would be adjusted downwards on purpose.

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In the beginning, there would be relatively fun and less-scary tasks for visitors to do. The purpose would be to persuade visitors to stay.

At the same time, every ticket would allow each visitor multiple entries. They could increase the price of the ticket to make up for this. Then, visitors would be allowed to warm up and calm themselves down before attempting the challenge once again.

That was what Hao Qiong and the others had done in the United States. In fact, the haunted house had been extremely scary the first time that they entered. None of them remembered what they had done. All of them had gone through the experience while in a trance.

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Subsequently, when they had entered again, they had done so with certain expectations. It was then that the haunted house had slowly become more interesting.

However, ordinary visitors would not purchase tickets and line up again just to torture themselves. Naturally, they would not have experienced what Hao Qiong and the others had.

Thus, Hao Qiong proposed allowing multiple entries for one ticket.

That way, even if they scared visitors off, it would only be temporary. Since the tickets allowed visitors multiple entries, they could take some time to calm themselves down before entering the haunted house again.

That would also generate a group of second-time visitors for the haunted house.

On the other hand, Chen Kangtuo’s plan was to design the project as a roundabout. The middle of the roundabout would act as the safe house.

Every time visitors completed a minor stage, they would be allowed to rest at the safe house. They could use that time to calm themselves down.

Most visitors would not be able to wander around a haunted house for more than an hour with no rest… like what was expected of them in ‘Smog Mountain’ State Mental Hospital. That meant that most people could not complete the journey.