Is it true to wear beads to make money?

Is it true to wear beads to make money?

Her face was dyed with shock. It wasn’t normal.

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「What’s wrong…?」

「L-Look at this guy!」she said, pointing to the cell in front of her.

Imprisoned within that cell was a young man wearing a black-and-white border prison uniform.

Sitting on the pipe bed, he was completely still. Not even a twitch. Almost like a stone statue.

In addition, I can’t even see his face because of the overgrown brown hair.

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And yet… I felt like I had seen him before.

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「Oi, you! Aren’t you…Sebas!?」

When Lilim-senpai called out that name, it rang a bell.

When Lilim-senpai called out to the prisoner in front of her, the man called Sebas slowly raised his face.

「Oya… It’s been a long time, Lilim. What are you doing here?」

The moment I heard his voice and name, I remembered everything.

(If I remember correctly… He is the vice-president of the student council, Sebas Chandler!)

A formidable swordsman who sneaked into the Holy Ronelia Empire alone and brought back the Blood Diamond requested by the president.

His strength is the real deal.