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That was because the outstanding authors were not sure if they could maintain their current income by going to other websites. They were worried that they would not be able to adapt to the environment and would be cautious when they were poached.

Therefore, it was relatively easier to poach people using fixed-rate contracts.

As for their own author’s works, there was really no point in giving them fixed rates.

That was because there was no limit in the fixed-rates. The website had to ensure that it would not incur losses.

The website would estimate the royalties that authors could receive from writing subscriptions. Then, they would give a fixed-rate contract that was slightly higher than the royalties.

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If the content written by the author was lower than the value of the subscriptions, the website would lose money. If the content written by the author was higher than the value of the subscriptions, the author would lose money.

However, for the authors at this website, if they were to write subscriptions that earned a lot and felt that they could improve further, they would definitely not sign the fixed-rate contract because it would destroy their fighting spirit. On the other hand, some authors who did not earn much from subscriptions and did not have good abilities. Signing the fixed-rate contract would not motivate them to work harder. Instead, it would objectively encourage them to wait for death.

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Thus, it was easier to use fixed-rate contracts when poaching people. However, if they were to use it on their own people, the website and the author might lose out.

That was why Ma Yiqun was so confused by Boss Pei’s strategy.

Pei Qian looked at Ma Yiqun’s confused expression and smiled without saying anything.

That’s right!

I am trying to wear down the morale of the authors!