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Hasebe returned to her senses and began to feel anxious, but in fact, the opposite was true.

“It would be better to say that this situation is perfectly fine. It will only take half as much effort to solve.”

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If their learning ability and tendencies are almost exactly the same, as Yukimura says, the burden should become rather light.

The number of people who need to be taught can essentially be considered to be just one person.

Of course, because they are so similar, there should also be a couple of trivial differences, but when those situations come up, as long as they follow their instructions, it should carry on smoothly.

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“Do you feel like this will be easy?”

“It depends on how much effort you put in from now on. These questions were some of the less difficult ones, but your grades were still a bit disturbing. I think it’s necessary for us to gather like this a bit regularly… In short, we will need to study more. Counting backward from the day of the final exam, I’d like to have seven or eight opportunities to gather. A certain amount of time between each meeting will be preferable so you can do a bit of self-studying as well. Are you three alright with this? Miyake should also have problems with club activities.”

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“As we get closer to the final exam, the number of club activities will cool down a bit, but let me ask to be sure.”

Yukimura nodded to this natural request. Then there was Hasebe.

“Ah, let me know one thing before I answer you, okay? Is this kinda what it will be like to study normally? I don’t like, like studying, but when it comes to reviewing this and that, I think I can still do it on my own. Is there any benefit to studying in a group like this? Yeah, I know that having a smart person teach me will increase the efficiency, and I came here because of Miyatchi’s advice, but I’m still kinda dubious about it all.”

“You don’t seem to be dubious about only my teachings.”

Yukimura noticed the overtone of Hasebe’s response, which explained the policy.

“I’m not going to be holding a regular study group. This is because while the questions for past exams were written by the school, this time around they’re going to be written by other classes. The school’s problems are usually targeted at assisting to move on to university and are standardized to content that is either basic or relatively easy to study for. To put it simply, it’s a matter of course. On the other hand, the fact that questions will be written by other students is an unknown. It’s difficult to formulate tendencies and countermeasures for it. This is why after considering this, it’s necessary to study for these exams.”

Miyake was convinced with Yukimura’s explanation.

“That’s right. Class C is definitely going to give us very tricky questions.”

“Ah, well, it’s not entirely impossible to formulate tendencies and countermeasures. It might seem unthinkable to come up with the problems Class C will have for us, but what if we think of the individual who will come up with them? As far as I can predict, I think the question-writer will be ‘Kaneda’.”