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It looked like everyone had lost their sanity and become blind, ruthless killers.

The old, hoarse voice sounded once again.

“Everyone has three immortal souls and seven mortal forms.

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“Once one’s time is up, he would be picked up by the Black and White Impermanence. After that, he would step on the Road to the Underworld and begin his journey towards the netherworld, where he would be judged by Yama.

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“He could reincarnate, enter the six realms of rebirth and existence, or be sent to hell.”

The corpse by the stream suddenly twitched. The camera did not focus on it for long. Instead, it continued panning across the stream and the wasteland. Finally, it stopped at a small village by the stream, hidden deep among tall mountains. “At least, that was so… until the Black and White Impermanence stopped picking up the souls of the dead.

“The souls were dissociated from the earth, and yet they were not picked up. They had no choice but to wander around on the Road to the Underworld.

“They were left to suffer a fate worse than death.

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“As time went by, these wandering souls became more and more ferocious. They lost their sense of humanity and their memories.

“The mortal world turned into hell.”

The camera turned to show several innocent people being killed by villagers with pitchforks and axes. Their helpless and desperate cries filled Hu Xiao’s ears.

Divine Buddha light-faint and goldenshone from inside a worn-out temple in the outskirts of the city. It formed a shield, isolating the temple from the wandering ghosts, who tried to charge into it.