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“Yeah. Also, you don’t need to go by groups on that day. The couples can stay together…”

I quickly shut up in the middle of my sentence.

…H-Hoshinomori is looking at us with an empty and helpless smile.

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Crap. Honestly, this Game Hobby Club consists of two pairs of couples and an unrequited lover. It’s not really a friendly group for Hoshinomori. At this point, it only became even more apparent.

Amano, Tendou, and Aguri seem to have noticed the mood too. An awkward silence took hold of the scene.

So, …unexpectedly, Amano was the one to break the silence first.

“Ah, come to think of it, there’s a new ride in Disneyland, Tendou-san.”

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“Eh? Uh, y-yeah, y-you’re right. If I remembered correctly, …is that the impressive railcar-based shooting entertainment facility created by the combination of VR and projection mapping?”

“Yeah, exactly, that’s right. Then, I remembered that will display everyone’s final scores, right.”

“Perhaps, …you’re right.”

Tendou tilted her head since she doesn’t understand what is this about. Just as Aguri, Hoshinomori, and I were confused, Amano cleared his throat, …then, at the next moment, he pointed his finger at Hoshinomori suddenly.

“Well, we’ll have a match there to see who’s better at gaming, Chiaki!”


Hoshinomori froze. Amano’s acting like he’s trying to cover up his embarrassment, so he faced Hoshinomori with an even more provocative attitude and continued.

“Aside from our viewpoints on ‘moe,’ it’s been a couple months since we’re regarded as having the same stats for a couple months. I feel like it’s time for Chiaki and me to differentiate ourselves and see who’s better at gaming! Yes!”