What kind of plate furniture is sold online

What kind of plate furniture is sold online

The next afternoon…

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Ruan Guangjian brought his drawing tablet and laptop to Tengda’s office. He had eaten and slept well the night before. In the morning, he woke up feeling extremely refreshed and filled with inspiration.

His main purpose in going to Tengda today was to meet GOG’s designers, in order to confirm that his animations and concept designs for the characters would not turn out different from their expectations.

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He would gather their opinions, come up with sketches, and then send them to his workspace to be perfected by his colleagues.

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The moment he stepped into the office, Ruan Guangjian paused.

It was so spacious!

Ruan Guangjian felt that comparing this place to his Halo Workspace was like comparing a pigeonhole with a detached villa.

There were many verdant and lush plants set up against the French windows. The plants looked well taken care of by professionals. Apart from that, there was also a pantry, an entertainment room, a snack area…

It contained everything necessary and unnecessary!

A pure black cat with white legs walked towards Ruan Guangjian and sniffed him before turning around and walking away, uninterested. It was almost as if the cat was mocking Ruan Guangjian for being a country bumpkin.

Ruan Guangjian was shocked. How much rent did they have to pay for a place like that?!

It was so extravagant!

His Halo Workspace was in Shanghai, near the University of Business and Economics where he graduated from. The rent in Jingzhou for a place like that probably could not be higher than in Shanghai, but it was still too much for Ruan Guangjian to cope with.

Naturally, renting an expensive place meant that everyone’s workspaces would be more cramped. Furthermore, he would have less money for good desks and computers. Other facilities would have to be compromised as well.