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Although his tone of voice was rough, the smoothness of his play returned. He overtook Kitō and made his way to the basket, and nobody was able to stop him. He finished off his run down the court with a dunk, once again extending the lead for Class C.

[Heh… I got a little bit heated there, but… there’s no way you’re beating me.]

Even though Kitō was a skilled player, with a calm mind, Sudō was easily a step or two above him.

“I see. So he’s done some growing up of his own?”

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After that, Sudō’s mind didn’t waver again, and he brilliantly led the team until the end.

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Eventually, the sound of the whistle rang out, signifying the end of the match.

[Hell yeah! I did it Suzune!]

Sudō struck a triumphant pose. He looked so excited that you’d think he had just won a basketball tournament.

It was only one win, but his excitement was well deserved given everything he had just accomplished.

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“I thought we had a chance, but his skills really were on another level after all.”

Apparently, Sakayanagi had seriously set her sights on picking up the win, with or without Sudō on the court.

The final score was 24 to 16. The first event had come to an end with a splendid victory for Class C.

“Who would’ve thought that Class C would win first! You never really know when it comes to these things huh?”

Hoshinomiya-sensei mumbled her thoughts to herself, impressed with what had happened.

Though, despite our win, we had conceded one of our strongest assets in return.

It had been an event that literally required our victory from the moment he stepped out onto the court.