What are the real money platforms?

What are the real money platforms?

This bookstore had held on for the longest among all the others. Still, it could not fend against the overwhelming online shopping trend. Thus, it silently closed down.

At that moment, all the books and furniture in the bookstore had been moved out. Some simple renovations had been done, and high-end office furniture now took their place.

A line of passers-by stopped to look into the shop, but they lost interest once they realized that it was not selling anything. The crowd slowly dissipated.

One street away-in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Pei Qian sat, sitting his coffee and pondering life.

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The conversation that he had had with Boss Li the day before still hurt him today. Thus, Pei Qian could not help but disappear for the day.

He was not even in the mood to take revenge on He Desheng and Yu Pingan.

After thinking about it carefully, Pei Qian thought it would be weird to just punish the two of them since so many projects were now proving successful.

As the saying went, there was no point in worrying about one debt when there were so many others. Pei Qian had been backstabbed by so many employees that he was starting to have difficulty keeping track of his feuds.

He realized that there was a very serious problem with the management of the company.

First, the first-place-elimination system was no longer useful. In the face of so many profitable projects, eliminating the head of the most profitable project would not make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things.

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He had to think of something else.

Pei Qian sipped his coffee, feeling melancholic as he tried to strategize. During his disappearance, a few people had tried to contact him. However, Pei Qian neither read their messages nor replied to them. He was mainly afraid that he would break down upon receiving bad news. That could hinder his strategizing and prevent him from thinking of ways to turn profits into losses.

His subordinates had obviously gotten used to Boss Pei disappearing from the face of the earth, too. Even if he did not reply to their messages, they would complete their tasks on their own.

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As Pei Qian looked out of the window, he noticed some movement in the two-story shop across the street. The bookstore had already closed down two weeks ago, but the shop had undergone renovations two days ago. Pei Qian wondered who the brave warrior was.

In fact, this location was not that good. Otherwise, Pei Qian would not have chosen this place to set up a Fish-Catching Internet Cafe branch back then.

People were starting to find opening their shops here advantageous, only because Fish-Catching Internet Cafe had livened up the entire area recently.

Still, Pei Qian did not have high hopes for

“The shop could fail in less than three months. We might not be neighbors for long. Ai, how I admire them.”

Pei Qian had thought about taking over the bookstore before, but after several cycles, he was beginning to understand one foundational principle: most loss-incurring projects would generate profits once he took over.