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"I wonder. I don't think he's the type to comply with Kushida or Hirata's persuasion though".

Then again, the two of them wouldn't try to forcibly persuade Kouenji in the first place. As for why, even if it's only self-proclaimed, they wouldn't call someone who claims to be sick a liar.

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"To think you'd say something like 'if I were like Kushida'".

"I never hated her or anything in the first place".

After a natural conversation like that, Horikita realized she had made a verbal slip and sealed her lips tight.

"Pretend you didn't hear that just now".

Saying that, she ended the conversation. Then she turned to look at the 3rd year contests that will be starting soon.

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For her, Class D is something to worry about but in the same vein, the existence of her brother is also probably a similar worry. Of course, it's not like her brother, who's the student council president, is affected in any way by his sister's feelings.

Horikita's brother, who started as part of the second group, naturally took 1st place.

"He's as fast as I imagined him to be".

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"It's because nii-san is perfect. No matter what he does, he's always number one".

Rather than a boast, it sounded more like it was a matter of fact. As all the school years finished with their 100 meter dashes, the total count began.

Before the next contest begins, the first points for the Red Team and the White Team will be announced.

Red Team: 2011 points. White Team: 1891 points.

The contests have just begun but the Red Team was slightly dominant.

The second contest up is a hurdle. It's basically an event that's the same as the 100 meter dash in the sense that it rests purely on one's speed. But then again, that's not all there is to it. It's because it'll be a severe mistake if we don't overcome it with certainty yet without rushing it. In regards to this contest, there are two rules attached.

'Knock down the hurdle'. 'Touch the hurdle'. These two time penalties are added onto it as well.

It's 0.5 seconds if the hurdle is knocked down. It's 0.3 seconds if the hurdle is touched. That time will be added for us.