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(…The swallow and raven can be neutralized by the dark robe. The only thing that bothers me is the owl that protects her.)

I had difficulty with that strategy last time too.

(Feels slightly nostalgic…)

I remember plunging into the heart of the explosion with the resolution of death at that time.

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(Well, following common sense… The same move won’t work twice…)

The opponent is Claude-san, a first-rate swordsman.

(Even if I took advantage of my robust body and plunged into the explosion… I wouldn’t be able to surprise her like I did last time.)

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I will probably end up being dealt with calmly.

If so… All I have to do is close the distance at such a speed where she can’t react.

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(I don’t know if I can do it or not, but… It’s well worth a try.)

And the moment I took a step firmly on the schoolyard, I had already stepped into the certain kill distance.

「Wh, a…!?」

Claude-san’s eyes widened in shock.

「Hi, High King Style – Strong Strike!」

She unleashed a diagonal slash at a moment’s judgement.

I evaded the blow with just footwork, and circled around to Claude-san’s rear.

「Guh, not yet…!」

Still, she desperately snapped back, twisting her body and kept me in her sight.