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During this long process, Qin Yi gradually became numb.

Apart from the necessary sleep every day, Qin Yi was continuously giving instructions one after another, operating the machinery.

If they succeeded, they would continue with the next battle; if they failed, they would review the game countless times until they won.

The cycle repeated endlessly day after day.

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There was no day or night in the command cabin. Only AEEIS which accurately calculated the time for Qin Yi to sleep or wake up.

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Qin Yi did not remember how many times he had slept or how many days had passed. That was because the decisive battle was coming at any moment. He had to make the best use of his time to prepare.

Finally, one day, Qin Yi was awakened by AEEIS in his sleep.

Qin Yi saw the overwhelming swarm of insects moving in and out of the nest on the holographic image around him. The human stronghold on the planet and the starship floating in the starry sky were ready for battle.

The current situation was self-evident. A new round of large-scale battles was about to begin.

This battle might last for a long time, or it might collapse and end quickly because of an insignificant mistake.

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Qin Yi walked towards the console. He felt an unprecedented sense of calmness when this day finally arrived.

After this period of training, Qin Yi was already very good at commanding.

He skillfully used the control panel to send instructions to the troops one by one. He communicated with AEEIS about the current battlefield information, got the entire human army to act according to his plan based on the data given by AEEIS and his previous commanding habits.

The human fleet and the Zergs were like fallen leaves in a storm, colliding together in deep space. The surface of the planet was being cleaned up by the heavy weapons of the spacecraft, but the Zergs would crawl out of the ground every time. The main force of the human army and the special forces that were carrying out the mission would attack the Zerg Queen from different directions, trying their best to find her.