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That’s all. The lesson’s over. I’ll clean up the whiteboard.

Well, let’s start the main afterword. I feel sorry for readers that want to see a proper story evaluation in the afterword. I’ll write it seriously after this. …I guess.

S-So, let’s analyze this volume!

Here’s the 10th volume of < Gamers! > - Karen Tendou and Surprise Update!

The content follows Vol.9. I think Amano still plays a significant part here. Hmm, but not much of the story is from his perspective. However, strictly speaking, there’s an “inner protagonist” mission here. I’ll leave the readers to look forward to it in the main story. (I think the people who finished reading it understood already.)

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Also, there’s a certain onee-san from the Fushiguro family. People hated her in the last volume due to her stance. In this volume, she goes off wild, including the illustrations. I hope everyone liked it. But, Amano did suffer even more because of this.

Aside from that, I casually revealed a piece of information about Aguri. Well, please check it out yourself if you expected or cared about it.

Then, Tendou-san got on to the title. In a way, this is an “unusual Tendou-san” in the story. Hiya, I feel like Tendou-san isn’t really like Tendou-san this time.

Finally, as a whole, I think Vol.10 has a straightforward and fast-paced story. Amano revolutionized his mind in the last volume. Thanks to that, the novel itself went back to a Vol.2-like pace. The subtitle also returned to its 2nd counterpart too.

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Moreover, I think the readers will find the titles and subtitles more appropriate after reading the story. Well, that’s true every time.

Oh, but < Gamers! > is already in its 10th volume. The world is already saved in Vol.8 of my last novel, < My Hero >. However, look at what these people have done after 10 volumes! However, once I remembered < My Hero > spent 8 books to progress 2mm (100 km for the friendship and games between men), I guess this is a kind of balance. Anyway, I hope everyone can pay attention to their relationships passionately for a couple more volumes. I think they are about to save the world as well.

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Think about it. Perhaps this can really happen. A bouncy ball flying towards Chiaki and Amano hit Tendou-san and Uehara’s heads. Then, it fell onto the ground and started spinning. Coincidentally, Aguri kicked it and shot a mosquito that carried a mutated virus with humanity-ending powers. Finally, the ball was sent into the incinerator.

These people are often pranked by fate, after all. …Sigh, but even if something likes this were to happen, I won’t write it because it’s not related to the rom-com story at all.


…Alright, that’s all I have to talk about < Gamers! >. Well, even though there are still 7 pages left for the afterword.