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This『darkness』is also effective against fatal wounds.

As long as the person is alive, any wound can be cured in no time.

I poured a lot of spiritual power into it, and stretched darkness throughout the village.

Then, I extended clothes of darkness to all the villagers whom I caught sight of.


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After a few seconds, I was able to clad all the villagers I could see in darkness.

All that’s left is… as long as they’re alive, darkness should heal everything.

Then, when I took a breath, an answer came back from the man in front of me.

「Why would we do this? That’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s because I’m having fun. I mean… is there really any other reason?」

「Is that so…? It’s a lot more stupid than I thought.」

Stalling for time was successful and my purpose was achieved.

I don’t want to exchange words with such a fiend anymore.

I swung the pseudo-black sword and hacked his sword in one swing.

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The man leapt far back in the face of that unexpected situation.

「Shit! Oi bastards, give me a hand! A tough guy has appeared!」