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How to make money online QQ

It seems I am quite relaxed now.

“Well, if I get to cross that line with Sadiz, I’ll win the championship for sure.”

“Li- wha!?”

“And Sadiz... won’t you accept me?”


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That Sadiz could do it in such a magnificent way.

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“Hmm. It seems his masculinity has become considerably strong...”

Today, I might as well have confidence in myself.

That’s why I say it to Sadiz, who blushed a little and started to panic again.

“Well, please watch me. in a little while, I’ll show a scene that Sadiz can be proud of.”


It’s not just for Sadiz. Today, I’ll show everything to the people who look at me.

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“...... Ha, Li-Little man! Please wait! Don’t forget your sword! Weren’t you breaking the blade in for the match?”