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“Hey, Lonely.”

“What kind of straightforward and pathetic nickname is that. Stop it, Uehara-kun…”

The lonely boy gave me a powerless look. After I confirmed that Kaburagi’s group is still off the distance, I stood next to Amano, and we watched the golden structures together.

“Having a girlfriend and yet you two are in different places, does it feel lonelier than just being alone, Amano?”

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“What kind of normie theory is that. …Perhaps the past Amano will say it, but I guess you’re right, maybe.”

Amano looked at the scenery hopelessly and depressingly. His situation is that he doesn’t even have a friend in the class, the level of loneliness is outstanding at this point. Actually, all I need to do is just hang out with him more, but I’m not on good terms with Kaburagi’s group. If I stick close to Amano to counter them, it’ll just make Amano uncomfortable when we’re separated into groups. This is what I want to avoid.

The best I could do is to talk to Amano when we’re in a class activity like this.

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Suddenly, Amano took a good look at my face and sighed.

“…Sigh, Uehara-kun is really like Romeo, after all…”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“But Romeo always complicated the misunderstandings, and then he died. You’re just the same…”

“Hey, you still got the nerve to insult your only friend right now.”

I pretended to grab Amano’s shirt. He smiled and said, “I’m sorry.”

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Then, even though it’s just a simple explanation, he confessed that there’s seem to be a distance and disparity between him and Tendou. He’s pretty upset with it.

I started looking at the golden buildings and gave him a bitter smile.