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Mudanjiang makes money online at home

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Pacing around the empty office space, Pei Qian planned on how he should set up the company layout.

That was an important segment of losing money!

“A good working environment can not only help to raise efficiency of our employees, it can improve our company’s image too!”

“Assistant Xin, make a note and prepare a procurement slip for me.”

“The working desks and chairs must be expensive! Err, not just purely expensive. It has to be classy, elegant and top-tier! It has to be different from other companies!”

“The computers must have the best parts and even the keyboards and mouses must be top-tier! All of them must have two monitors. We are living in a telecommunications age and we’re a gaming company. Computers are our productivity!”

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“We must have plants as well. Looking at plants after being tired out from work helps with relaxing. Since plants are not so easy to take care of, we have to hire a professional gardener to take care of them.”

“I think that space over there is suitable for a mini gym. There are a lot of industry related illnesses and working out often can help to alleviate those while helping employees to work better.”

“The guest room, sofas and coffee tables must not be scrimped on. It’s best if we can get a set of high-end tea set as well. Buy around eight types of different good tea leaves. If we happen to have a business meeting, we can’t serve our guests plain water.”

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Pei Qian declared confidently.

Since he would be using System Funds for everything, he could do as he wished.

In any case, anything that the company could use would have to be of the best quality!

Even anything the company couldn’t use would be of the best quality as well!

Pei Qian checked on whether there was any response by the system while commenting.