There is a hang up to make money on the Internet which is good.

There is a hang up to make money on the Internet which is good.

The reason was simple. This thing did not restrict players from refunding. Which designer had such authority?

Boss Pei had to personally decide on such a huge sum of money.

Boss Pei had personally designed a lucky draw system. The reason was worth investigating.

Was it to make a difference to the lucky draw system of other games?

Or was it to make the game more conscientious and win the players’ reputation so that it would have a thin profit and multiple sales effect?

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It couldn’t be to earn less money, right?

These reasons did not seem sufficient.

Boss Pei probably would not spend so much effort designing games for a superficial reason like ‘making a difference to other games’.

Now that Tengda had so many projects, there must be a deeper meaning behind the projects that Boss Pei had personally decided on!

Qiao Liang thought for a long time but still had no clue.

“Let’s go online and take a look. There should be many people who have the same feeling as me.”

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Qiao Liang easily found many discussions about the lucky draw.

Obviously, Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation came prepared. They must have spent a lot of money on publicity for this lucky draw. They must have hired fake reviewers.

It was rare for a car to be selected for an event organized by a game manufacturer. Coupled with the strong publicity, it spread among the players very quickly.

Many players expressed how fragrant it was!

Previously, everyone had criticized Finger Games for being stingy and not as generous as Tengda’s 515 Games Day. IOI’s mobile game had been scolded after being released, but to be fair, that was because they were being compared to Tengda.

Compared to other games companies, Finger Games’ event was already quite conscientious.