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Deep maculine facial features with a lot of wrinkles, and deep crimson eyes exactly like Rose’s.

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A giant build of over two meters and steel-like muscles.

Short white hair that is swept back.

A beautifully kempt white beard asserts its presence around his mouth.

What is particularly impressive is the black “sakura pattern” that stands out on the left side of his chest.

His top is a long white haori drawn with a flurry of sakura petals, and his bottom is simple black trousers.

An immense pressure was emitted from the large sword fastened at his waist.

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(But man, what a strong hand.)

It’s bulkier and stronger than anybody I’ve ever gripped.

(I’m sure he’s devoted himself to swordsmanship for an incredibly long time.)

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When I was thinking of that,


Bacchus-san muttered with a grim expression.

「W-What’s the matter?」

「Kid, this hand… How many years have you been wielding your sword?」