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Is online typing and making money really fake

And his body is so sturdy that a blade doesn’t cut through – and above all, his hair is white.

(It’s going to be okay… right?)

I wake up one morning and find that my body is snatched away.

I really don’t want that to happen.

When I was thinking of such things on my own, the scary-looking Holy Knight continued to report.

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「And we managed to squeeze out new information from the Black Organization guys! Their purpose is the spirit ore that can be mined in this country!」

Spirit ores – a rare ore formed only in certain limited areas.

In addition to the spirit sword that we use in class, it is the foundation of the spirit pill that the Black Organization is developing.

「Furthermore… We found that one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle – Rain Glad is controlling the royal castle ahead of this village. He’s a top-notch swordsman called『Rain Man』within the Black Organization.」

Rain Glad, one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle, huh…

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He is a swordsman of the same rank as the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle, Fu Rudras, who attacked Thousand Blade Academy.

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(There’s no doubt that he’s a far higher ranked opponent than us.)

But with Ria, Rose, Ben-san and the senior Holy Knights, we can surely defeat him.

After receiving the report from his subordinate, Ben-san issued an order, in a loud voice.

「Yoshi, understood! Well then, gather all the senior Holy Knights in this lodge! I will explain the new extermination strategy that places the special fighting-class『Allen Rodore』at the forefront!」