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“W-Why did you say that? It’s disgusting.”

I didn’t expect my first rom-com Valentine’s event to be with a guy.

I stopped, and Amano chuckled as he walked forward.

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“Nothing, I just want to say it. It’s Valentine’s Day, after all.”

“Hey, are you serious? Ah, well, then give me chocolate.”

“Sorry, I didn’t prepare that at all.”

“What the hell? This main heroine can’t be helped. Sheesh.”

“Hahaha, you’re right.”

Amano smiled and continued walking. The snow is rustling under his feet. I glanced at his back. …Then, I thanked the boy silently for avoiding him from hearing.

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“…Thank you, Amano.”

-However, at the next moment, Amano immediately turned around and broke the mood without hesitation.

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“Ah, no problem.”

“How did you hear it!?”

“No, no, keep it in your heart if you don’t want people to hear it! Come to think of it, why are you guys always mad at me when I hear your mumblings!? Isn’t the person speaking at fault here!?”

“Shut up! Quick, stop squabbling. Let’s go to school! Although I don’t really want them, a lot of obligatory chocolate is waiting for me!”

“Hiya, you just offended both boys and girls at the same time! That’s why I hate normies…”

“Big talk from a brat that’s probably going to get two beautiful girls’ honmei chocolate!”

“Tck, I already got a honmei chocolate yesterday! …Even though it’s a very wretched and disgusting one.”