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“I was rejected.”

From the looks of it, it had been some time since she was rejected. I couldn’t sense any signs of anxiety, or any wavering in her words.

That should be the result of crying many times, as right now, she looked like she wanted to just move on.

If that was the case——she probably confessed during the winter break.

However, this could have been because we pushed her to confess prematurely. If that was the case, we truly have let her down.

“Seriously! Ayanokouji-kun, is he stupid!?”

A confession from a girl, especially from a girl as impeccably good looking as Sato-san.

Shinohara-san seemed to be shocked and furious by the fact Sato-san had been rejected.

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“Why? Why were you rejected?”

“… It was simply a problem with his emotions. He said he didn’t like me, and couldn’t date me.

Shinohara-san placed a hand on her forehead, incredulous.

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“Is that because he has someone he already likes? Maybe its someone like Horikita-san.”

When I tried to confirm this with Sato-san, she shook her head.

Whenever Ayanokouji-kun was mentioned, Horikita-san’s shadow was always lurking.