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"Wow, Kanzaki-kun's surprisingly popular. There's also a girl in our class who seems to like him. Ahh, but right now none of us should have anyone like that, right?".

"I see, then I'll tell her to consider calling out to him".

"Yeah, yeah. Kanzaki-kun might also be happy about that. Probably, though".

"Probably, huh".

Towards that loose answer, Kushida laughs.

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"He's pretty reticent, or how should I put it, he's a man of few words. That in itself is fine but he lacks assertion way too much and I don't understand him very well, you see".

That was her frank assessment of him as a fellow classmate.

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"That's right, I guess. He seems like he's hard to understand".

Just as they were beginning to talk excitedly, their surroundings had already reached out for the swimsuits they were supposed to be changing into.

"Woah, we need to change".

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Ichinose quickly takes off her clothes belatedly. It was an agile movement reminiscent of the changing of boys. Her breasts sway. Even Horikita, who had been trying not to show any interest, had her gaze stolen away for a moment.

Those outstanding proportions with such destructive power, as long as she possesses those, she could one hit KO the majority of men.

Recently our diet had shifted to a more Western one, but even so, it was still hard to imagine that body is that of someone who's also a 1st year high schooler.

".....you, those breasts, since when?".

"Fue? When, do you mean when they became big? I guess it was around my 3rd year in middle school. They just kept growing, you see. Why do you ask?".