Internet with WeChat to make money scam

Internet with WeChat to make money scam

He did not know why this big boss wanted to split into many transactions and calculate separately, but since the client had made such a request, he had to satisfy it.

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The fake reviewers were divided into two groups.

The first type was awkward bragging. It was to disguise as a passerby to brag about how useful and awesome Slow Movement Studio’s glasses were. The more awkward it was, the better. There was no need to worry about people discovering that it was fake reviewers.

The other type was to lead the way. That was to turn around and question Slow Movement Studio and Meng Chang’s unreliability. That was to say that the glasses were only to buy popularity. In fact, the products would definitely not be good.

The first type of awkward bragging was using some low-end fake reviewers. There might be a lot but there was no technical content. The second type of fake reviewers were more high-end. The information was real and hidden better. There were not many but the impact was not small.

In the end, the first type would definitely be more expensive because of the large quantity, but the second type would not be cheap either.

Hu Xiao did not know what tricks the other party was playing. Other people would either boast, diss, or criticize others. Who would hire two groups of people to do opposite ends?

What was he playing at?

However, since this old boss was willing to play this way, so be it. It was so simple to get money. There was no need to think so much.

What’s more, Hu Xiao had long suspected that the other party had some relationship with Tengda. He had a special purpose in buying fake reviewers.

However, the other party was too mysterious. What’s more, the operator seems to be changing frequently. Sometimes, he was very generous and did not even bother to bargain. Sometimes, he seemed to be a little calculative, rounding down their quotes and giving discounts. This made Hu Xiao completely unable to figure out the other party’s background.

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He did not dare to ask too much. It would not be worth it if he accidentally offended such an old client.

Soon, Hu Xiao sorted out the price list.

That was because they were all old clients and trusted each other very much. Thus, they paid a small deposit first before paying the full sum.

“This is the bill. Please take a look.”

Pei Qian received the document and scanned it.

“...So expensive!”

He could not help but curse inwardly.

The fake reviewers this time were basically divided into two groups. One group of low-end fake reviewers was in charge of awkwardly praising the game. Basically, they were 50 to 80 yuan per day. 200 people constantly changed their accounts and posted their posts. Coupled with the expenses of their accounts, they spent more than 80,000 yuan in five days.