money songs

money songs

-I took a sip of my hot green tea and smiled. Then, the couple, which I should say is dressed weirdly, is eavesdropping on us. I think they want to say, “What’s with that reaction?” They are looking at us in shock. However, I ignored them and continued calmly.

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“Indeed, I guess I’m kind of bored with family restaurants sometimes. Instead, let’s relax while talking about each other’s lovers in a room with beautiful scenery.”

After hearing that, the neighboring couple shot us despising looks. “Oi, oi, you two have lovers!?”

But, Aguri-san doesn’t seem to care about their reactions too. She took a small sip of her hot lemon tea and continued.

“No, if we’re going to say it anyway, why don’t we just talk to each other in the hot spring, Amanocchi.”

“I mean, boys and girls are separated in hot springs- ah, but I guess an independent open-air hot spring will be good.”

(It’s anything but good!)

The couple next to us is complaining quietly. But, our chatter won’t stop because of them.

“Ah, but, Aguri-san, it bad for the two of us to go on a hot spring trip alone?”

(You only noticed it now!?)

“Ah, I guess so. I think the mood got weird after I said we can take a bath together. Our partners.”

(Of course!)

“Yeah, it’s like cheating from the looks of it.”

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(It’s not from the looks of it. Taking a bath together is totally cheating, right!?)

“Yeah, but we didn’t actually cheat, right? I guess this counts as a pass.”

“…Yeah, I think it’s a pass.”

(It’s a complete fail!)

“Come to think of it, Amanocchi and I in a hot spring are just like everyone playing in the pool, right? We aren’t thinking about anything bad.”

“Yeah, it’s more like I don’t understand why Tendou-san is making a fuss.”